How to Create a Successful eCommerce Store- 5 Essential Tips.

Starting a new story might sound scary, especially if you are a beginner.  To help you in your beginnings, we’ ve made an easy to follow, step by step guide. At the end of this article you will be able to understand the whole eCommerce concept and have your very own ecommerce shop up, making your first sales.

1.Choose the right product.

Figuring out what to sell and sticking to it might sound a little tricky. In order to succeed at your ecommerce shop you need to find just the right product to sell. If you are at your beginnings you might think:

 “Everyone is already selling everything, so what’s the point?”

In order to succeed you will need to solve your customers’ problems. Do research ask yourself: Who are they? What are they doing for a living? Do they have some hobbies? Try to find out what works best for your audience. Offer them solutions for their problems. Be the hero in their stories.


Your main goal is to sell your products. In order to do that you need to bring people to your eCommerce website. To bring high-quality content you need to catch them at the right moment. For example if you are selling fancy dresses or suits, you need to catch them around their anniversaries, prom nights or weddings. Use Google Ads for the most extensive strategies and catch them when they are searching for your products. You can make solid keywords research using tools like: keywords everywhere, keyword tool or ahrefs.
Good keyword list will multiply your traffic, but  more importantly bring relevant audiences to your ecommerce shop that will lead to an increase in conversions.

3.Good visuals.

We have all heard that a good picture is worth a thousand words. Research from 2008. has shown that product images are the single most influential feature for ecommerce shops.
If you are serious about making an ecommerce brand, and want your product to sell itself you need to have powerful visuals.
You can make good visuals without photoshop skills. If design is new to you, we suggest you start posting your product pictures on a blank or one-colored background.

You can use tools such as removebg or zapbg to remove your background. If you want to make your visuals more extra, you can use Canva to change background color, add some details or so on.

Be consistent with your posting. Create your own palette of colors and use it.  It is important to be consistent if you want to build a recognizable brand. You can see which colors you can use on colors and fonts.

4.Mobile friendly.

Around 94% of people judge websites based on responsive web design. More people  are using their phones for online shopping every day. Making your website mobile friendly is a huge step in increasing sales and attracting new customers. Google rank mobile first shops better, they attract more visitors, and are user friendly. If starting an ecommerce shop, you can find some free mobile friendly themes here.

Always be sure to test every feature before launching it live. Use your own phone, or ask a friend to give you their opinion. See if your shop is responsive on every device.

5. Checkout & shipping

When it comes to checkout & shipping there is no better way to turn off your clients, than making these two overly complicated.

You need to make your customers feel safe. And you will not have this feeling if you are asking for too much personal information. Try to avoid any necessary steps. For example don’t ask them to put their email address if you don’t need it.
Try to put these two on the same page, to make it look more simple.
Another advice is not to hide any information. Tell them what to expect in advance.  If shipping isn’t free don’t avoid mentioning it. They will find it out sooner or later, and by hiding it you will lose their trust.

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