Dark Mode – Why do You Need it?

What is dark mode?

If you work late at night, the bright white screen light of your PC causes strain on the eyes. To anticipate that you should use a dark mode color scheme as an alternative.
Dark mode is a special web plugin that exchanges your website’s white interface into dark colors. It is getting very popular because of the benefits that it provides to its users. Big companies like Google, YouTube & Facebook use it.

dark interface vs light interface

Why does it matter so much?

If you have this option on your apps, big chances are that you already use it. And you might have noticed the difference.

Most of the modern jobs require us to spend almost nine hours a day in front of PC-s or smartphones.  All these digital devices emit blue light. If our eyes are not protected against it, the light can be harmful.

You will feel side effects such as:

  • dry eyes,
  • blurring sight
  • headache,
  • disruption of sleep,
  • mental and physical fatigue.

While using a dark mode you are resting your eyes, and reducing the amount of blue lighting.  That is why big companies are using it.

How do we do it?

Some of our clients already use dark mode on their Website. It allows their clients to search on their Websites, or Webshops late at night without their eyes getting sore, providing them a more comfortable viewing experience.

We start by making changes in your code. It doesn’t take long.  We add dark mode on your Website, and design it that way so important elements could change colors or stay transparent. For example if your logo is black, and you turn on your dark interface, your logo will change its color into white, so it will always stay visible.

Google approves it.

Google confirmed that dark interfaces use much less energy, than the bright ones. They have found that pixel color has a direct effect on power draw, and that the white pexels are using more energy than the black ones. Using dark mode will save your battery life.
There are numerous reasons why you should use dark mode on your Website. But,
we already know that the number of mobile traffic on the Internet is outreaching PCs.
The main reason mobile users should use it is to extend their battery life.


Who has it?

Google rolled out a dark interface to its YouTube mobile apps, too. Last year, they added the ability to change YouTube’s white background to dark. After Google, all of the big companies started working on getting a dark mode for their interfaces.
Facebook has announced that they are working on a new design. In March this year, they released the very first version of dark mode for some users.

It is cool.

Isn’t it cool to be in a top 5 companies that have dark interface mode on their Website? To be right after giants like Facebook and Google?

We have made these changes to our clients (and to one of our websites too) and they have been satisfied. This solution is especially good if you are an eShop owner, and want to follow the trends, or just want a better user experience for your clients.


dark mode

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